3 Resolutions for 2014

Better late than never:

1. Get a handle on my work ethic.
I'm not a slacker. I'm not. But I believe I have an overly developed sense of, we'll call it perspective, on the the things that matter in this life. So some things that aren't really, in the scheme of things, all that important, I don't give too much attention or energy to (some mistakenly may see it as being a slacker). Problem is, there's I recognize the value of accumulated efforts towards things that don't, on their own, seem to have a lot of weight. A lifetime of putting off tasks and hobbies because they aren't really that important, makes for a person who doesn't know how to see something to the end, really put her nose to the grindstone, and relish in the ultimate success that comes from tumult and labor (more on that later).

2. Get a handle on food.
Seriously, how can my least favorite thing be deciding what to eat? I am so incredibly, above-and-beyond, over-the moon grateful that I (at my current age and metabolism) don't have to worry about weight. Most girls my age, no, most women at most ages stress about the weight aspect of food and spend thousands of dollars and hours of soul-crushing magazine and blog reading to figure out what to eat. My problem? Well, not that. But it's something. A lack of craving (most of the time). A lack of regular meal planning. I like food plenty (most of the time). I just don't like thinking about it. Planning for it. Buying it (unless I'm browsing, aimlessly for an hour in the grocery store. But not a regular grocery store, one that's got interesting things going on like Uwajimaya or Grocery Outlet).

3. Get a handle on being dissatisfied.
My life is amazing. Perfect almost. But there are these little things that get me all picky. Like I hate my jewelry, my all-purpose grey boots are falling apart, my car smells like fuel, or coolant, or perhaps some other burnt chemical, and that there's not enough color in my living room decor. So what are you gonna do about it, Kambam? Fix it, or forget about it. I've got the time and resources to fix most all of my pesky annoyances, so I should. Stock up my jewelry, replace those grey boots, take your damn car to the auto shop, and pick a color scheme and live with it. And if I don't want to, move on already.

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