3 Things I Love About the Grocery Store

I've complained loudly about the grocery store, more than I ought to have. I don't hate it all. Just the picking out food part. What I do like:

1. Jamming out to aisle music.
Whoever is picking out the music at just about every grocery store I've ever been to is doing something right (How great would it be if it was just one guy who was beyond incredible at marketing himself to major chains. He'd maybe tweak them a tiny bit by geography, patron demographics, and grocery store banner- more pretentious/indie at Whole Foods, more folksy at Safeway. More beats at Wal-mart. The Alberton's by my house should have Hebrew rock opera by that process.) I heard about a guy once who basically called up the Seattle Center and told them he wanted to make their playlists for all their events. They had him intern for a few months but then they gave him a full time job just making music playlists. How cool a job would that be? Maybe it's him making all the grocery store playlists.

2. Watching other shoppers jam out to aisle music. And watching little kids beg/question/throw tantrums and otherwise feel about the grocery store the same way I do.
It's great people-watching. You're in such close proximity to really a very personal part of your neighbors lives. And by neighbors I mean strangers, because how many people do you really know at your neighborhood grocery store? Knowing them takes the fun out of it. There ought to be a Twitter hashtag #seenshopping or #produceaislepeoplewatching. Tonight it was one mom who left her tween kids in hysterics at one of those musical gift cards and another coaxing her daughter out of a variety of well-advertised and brightly packaged but nutritionally devoid snacks. Nothing crazy, but incredibly entertaining in a 'life is a reality show' kind of way.

3. Impulse buying candybars and/or donuts.
Is there any other reason to go?

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