What to Bring on a Long Flight: 3 Categories of Supplies for My Carry-on



Easy guess. It means I'm going somewhere. Likely somewhere cool. Because there aren't too many far away places I don't want to go (Maybe Germany? I'm sure it's great, but somehow Moldova is more appealing. [No, I'd gladly go to Germany. There's beauty, history, and fascination in far corners of the world!])

Long plane ride means I have to be ready, though, because an unprepared long plane ride puts a damper on the whole travel experience.

When I am on top of life enough to prepare (hopefully if I'm traveling, I'm at least sort of on top of life) I always bring:

1. Items for Comfort
  • Socks. Ones I don't care if I lose along the way. Not too thick or thin. I find trouser socks work well. Thick enough that they are warm, thin enough that they pack well.
  • Eye mask. Because it doesn't actually get dark. My current mask was part of a 'Lover's Blindfold' gift I got at my bridal shower, so it's bright red. There's no looking stylish in an eye mask, no matter how subdued the style, so why not red.
  • Earplugs. I prefer the kind that are connected by a little rubber strand because, inevitably, one plug falls out my ear while jostling my head side to side trying to find the right angle to lean against those nubs that stick out from the headrest. I've swiped a horde of packets from various food production tours so I'm set for a while, but when I'm out, it appears the only way to buy them is buy the hundreds.
  • Eyedrops and Chapstick. Because it's dry and miserable without them, and they make a world of difference.
  • Snacks. If you can. Peanuts are good. Fruit snacks are good.
2. Items for Hygiene
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste. I had an experience once where I spent the bulk of a 3 hour flight thinking my neighbor had rotten breath and only realized, upon landing, that the bad breath I had been smelling had been mine. GROSS.
  • Gum. Because sometimes you can't brush in time. And those Gardetto mixes I think are meant to terrorize good breath.
  • Deodorant. Sitting around has an odd way of making you stinky. Hot on the runway. Cold in the air. Hot when you're sleeping (thanks to the socks). Cold all over again. Makes you stinky. Deoder-it up.
  • Baby powder. Not always, but sometimes, to soak up greasy hair, if I have to be semi-presentable upon arrival.
3. Items for Entertainment
  • Books to read. Purchased or brought. I've got a Kindle now, fully loaded. I like a combo of light reading (chick-lit and quick reads) and the meatier kind that will certainly make me fall asleep.
  • Notebook. Long spurts of time with no internet or TV (I will NOT pay for a movie box at my seat) is great for brainstorming business ideas, life plans, writing letters or journals, or travel plans, or travel memories, or tic-tac-toe and squares.
  • Pen. Flight attendants are strangely stingy with them.
  • Games. Ipad, phone, tablet, whatev. 
  • Cards. I rarely make use of them, but good for the boring middle bits. 
 In 3 days and 20 hours in a plane, I'll be in THAILANDDDDDDDDDD!


lisa said...

soooo excited for you! eat some coconut ice cream for me!

Anonymous said...

You'll have to explain this baby powder trick. My memories from swim team (where we used it in our swim caps) are of pretending to have gray hair...


Trish said...

Do you have the travel size playing cards? Small, but fit on the tray table!