Music Monday: 3 Music Trends I'm Over

1. Auto-tune
Seriously. What is the deal? I'm all for auto-tuning the news and for other JOKE viral videos. Just not in real music. There's plenty of coverage out there about auto-tune killing music. Forget about the purity of the human voice. It just sounds bad. Just 'cuz Cher does it, doesn't mean you should. It sounds bad when Fun does it, when Britney does it, and Sufjan Stevens, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING. YOU SOUND AWFUL.

2. Rap interludes
I get it. Rap feels cool. The beats are fun. The rappers are (usually) hard-core-looking. I'm not a hip-hop hater. A well-placed rap interlude (that's three links there to rap interlude genius) can give an only okay song a little oomph, something memorable. It's just that not many people can pull it off. And there is something unsettling about a mid-forties rapper making even an 30-second cameo in a 15-year-old's quick hit song. Beebs, Maroon 5, Robin Thicke. The songs are generally better on their own.

I'm not so opposed to rap songs with a musical interlude, so it's not like rap and non-rap don't belong together, it's just shouldn't be a fall-back when you can't come up with another bridge and you've got to extend the song another minute fifteen. [Quora has some thoughts, of course]

3. YouTube joke songs people think are real songs.
I'm looking at you, Fox (and Gangum)
It's like Weird Al 2.0. Sure, it's music, but only sort of.

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